Bellinger 2014

Bellinger 2014
– enhance your individuality;

With a tribute for the shapes that evolve from the cat eyed 1950'ies to the round Woodstock frames to the classic JFK's we mix the eras and have created a new and fabulous collection. The ideas for details and cuttings were developed from the funky 1970'ies airplanes & boats, using their names and design as inspiration. To make the collection even more unique we have designed our very own acetates in 2 - 5 layers creating a beautiful depth and play of colors. With our very own Bellinger colors and combinations ranging from the splashy colors to the classic tortoise we can offer a complete collection for each individual.

The ultimate eyewear test ...

Our photo shoot this year was at the Danish version of Woodstock - Skanderborg Festival. We street casted cool and beautiful people to show off our eyewear on the natural location to create a real 1950'ies Woodstock theme in our own Bellinger 2012 version. With the help from super friendly and happy Danes we had a fun, fabulous and extremely successful launch and first view of our collection on real people. With this new collection of fantastic frames we emphasize your individuality and personality. And everything goes ...

With the cat eyed shapes you can be distinctly feminine with knee length dresses, heels and lipstick. Or clash the styles with jeans, heels and colorful frames. The men can go all the way in suit, tie and the JFK inspired frames or more casually cool in a classic jeans + T-shirt mix. Create your own individual look with a high quality unique Bellinger frame. Eyewear that makes you feel ...

Makes you feel

- makes you feel;

Bellinger's aim is to make a statement, leave an impression, make you feel ... something. Happiness, joy, passion, cool ...? Bellinger will not be invisible, grey, tasteless. We will always have the extra flavor that makes it interesting. It can be in the shapes, or in the details - it can be our unique color combinations or the cuttings - it can be the combinations of materials.


Bellinger is also full focus on innovation. We create and design innovative eyewear with a sense of something new and unique - we try to go where nobody has been before. Whether it is the shapes, colors, material, cuttings or unique details. We do not go for the easy or simple solution.


The Bellinger Men & Women can be any age group. They share a common focus on a colorful and vibrant life, they want to travel and experience! They do not want to fade into the background - they want to stand out. They have a personal style - their own. Some want to be colorful and passionate others want to be cool and casual - they all have a sense of style and focus on the good and fun qualities in life. They can be the stylish chic with a southern flamboyancy or they can be discreetly cool in a northern minimalistic way. They like having their friends and family around and engage and involve themselves in others.

They express joy and personality, life and passion, we can be casually cool or we can be bright and happy or discreetly sensual.

Passionate and personal

We feel very strongly about designing eyewear - to us it is personal. We take great pride in designing each frame and every collection that makes each face look their best. When we design we always feel - It may be joy, happiness, excitement, frustration, passion ... we want to make you feel that you look your best. We work at this with every frame we design. Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our frames on the faces of different people around the world.

Bellinger values

The unique twist with a heavy dose of personality!

Unique acetate

Unique Bellinger acetates;

Making our own Bellinger acetate is a unique traditional craft which require a lot of manual processes and great precision to ensure smooth perfect surfaces, beautiful play of colors and unique patterns. Our Bellinger acetates are MADE OF COTTON.

Cotton, acetone and alcohol is mixed to homogeneous dough. The acetate is filtered, kneaded, heated and finally pushed into large blocks. Only then the creative work with color techniques can begin. The most amazing effects of acetate are obtained by mixing different types of acetate. The manufacturing process of acetate is similar to that of an old-fashioned candy production. 

The soft acetate is heated, mixed and twisted until you achieve the desired effects. Then the material must go through a slow cooling process to ensure that the acetate becomes uniform, straight and smooth. Only when the acetate is perfect it is ready to be made into a beautiful acetate frame …

Our Acetate Eyewear

We mix up to 5 different acetates in one frame making the Bellinger Acetate frames absolutely unique.


Bellinger Videos;

Behind strong design is a passionate designer [DK]

A story about Chief designer & owner Claus Bellinger Diederichsen. About designing high quality eyewear, about staying innovative, about the inspiration - about the passion and drive to continue to create new and stunning eyewear.

The video is in Danish.

Bellinger photoshoot

Backstage Video of Bellinger's photoshoot 2010 at the harbour in Aarhus.
Models: Tomas, Linda, Anne, Benjamin & Bitten.
Jakob Mark
Bellinger Crew:
Claus Bellinger Diederichsen, Malene Bellinger & Rikke Levinsen
Thanks to man with Chevy 55;) Super cool car ... Magic 8 Ball as locks